In France, a law against ultra fast fashion

by Paola Gilardi on Mar 18, 2024

In Francia, una legge contro l’ultra fast fashion
France is the first country to have voted a legislation against fast fashion and ultra fast fashion. On March 14th , the French Parliament approved a law introducing limitation to advertising of low costs textile and accessories and setting a tax on low cost items aimed to finance collection and recycle of textile waste. The message is clear: inform customers and users about damages of fast fashion and ultra fast fashion making them aware of what’s behind the products of the fast fashion and ultra fast fashion brands, like Temu and Shein, or the so called big 4 , and the devastating foot print and damages to the environment. A massive use of resources extracted , with pollution and a huge amount of waste. It’s well known that Fashion industry it accounts for about 10% of global gas emissions . And what is also unacceptable, are the poor working conditions behind clothes and accessories, as denounced by socials and journalists: long working hours,in unhealthy and unsafe environments, very low wages, almost as to slavery conditions. So this is an important decision, originating from France, a country where Fashion and Haute couture are relevant industries with big iconic brand with long tradition and reputation. What about Italy then? We hope this is the first of a long series of legislating actions, but beyond the law , we look forward to customers awareness . We believe in this. We have chosen to produce in Italy for a more sustainable fashion, for the planet, for our resources and for all of us.