Our bags carry a great value: sustainability

Ethics behind stitches

Our project originates from the awareness to offer a more conscious shopping experience. We privilege the quality of artisan work and adhere to circular economy and upcycling. Our Made in Italy is based on a transparent production process respectfully shared with our stakeholders.

"Why choosing our bags?" There are sound reasons in Seama bags, beyond style and design: sustainable values inspired by

Un 2030 Agenda, Green Deal and Circular Economy.

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Our pillars: respect for the environment and for people

We are the environment we live in. In order to make a change, we must take actions. It’s up to us and about our choices.

The founding values of our brand:

Circular economy: to extend value of products giving them a new life. Circular thinking enhances respect for resources and a more conscious approach to waste.
Upcycling: a process which transforms old discarded materials into new valuable products through design and creativity extending material value.
Zero waste: reduce waste during all production cycle, with the scope to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Be fair: Ethical working relatioships

We engage ourselves with respect to all our shareholders, from workers to suppliers, consultants and consumers. We ensure fair and decent conditions to our workers, rewarding quality practices instead of massive production.
Be unique: Uniqueness is a value of our bags. Our bags are one piece, unique and handmade. No one else has the same bag: they are produced from specific cloth or deastock with limits in quantity of materials .
Local and Global: Our bags are designed and produced in Italy but we are open to cross contamination as to materials and cooperations
Give back: we support sustainable projects in line with our values.

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Our packaging is sustainable

We care for our products in all their features and sustainability is compulsory for our packaging. We ecodesign our packaging with the aim of protecting always the product avoiding waste as much as we can, saving resources, using renewable materials.

We commit to use as much as possible recyclable packaging and encourage the reuse of it./p>

Our cartons, paper and labels are FSC certified.

We tend to limit plastics. Plastics we use is either recyclable, recycled or compostable. Our choice for sustainable packaging may reflect slightly higher cost to us, but it grants a responsible supply.

We encourage the reuse of our packaging and above all we invite our customers to dispose it properly.

A first step towards sustainability: let's walk together!

Faced with the enormous waste of the fast fashion, the global pollution, the fight against the ultra fashion low price and the production relocation, our online store of sustainable fashion brings a small contribution. But we count on the butterfly effect: together we can be the change.

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