The Tote Tartan Collection

by Paola Gilardi on Nov 09, 2023

Nuova Collezione di Tote scozzesi

Today we are introducing to you our new Tote collection made of Tartan.

We like Tartan as it reminds the magic Scottish nature : colours that are matching with fall , warm and stylish. They pair easily with any outfit , from sporty to elegant , they are very versatile and above all they are unique pieces obtained from jackets, deadstock of the latest Tartan production. Upcycling Tartan is very fascinating: the results are unique bags, made in Italy according to our philosophy of regenerating good clothes and materials. Bottom, handles and finishing are made by recuperating deadstock of leather. The result is brilliant and valuable: we saved clothes from becoming waste and we transform them into unique pieces of artisan new stylish bags, elegant, easy to carry, Tote with a scottish design.