Respect comes before love

by Paola Gilardi on Nov 25, 2023

Giornata Internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne
Seama is a women's company, made by women. We work with women and love them but first of all we respect them. Respect comes before love. We want to join the many women who suffer in the world or experience difficult conditions. We are publishing the UN message because we believe that our brand can also help spread an important message: respect for women!
"Violence against women is a global crisis. In all of our own neighbourhoods, there are women and girls living in danger. Around the world, conflict, climate-related natural disasters, food insecurity and human rights violations are exacerbating violence against women. More than 70 per cent of women have experienced gender-based violence in some crisis settings. Sima Bahous ( UN Women Executive Director)