2024: Be the change

by Paola Gilardi on Jan 12, 2024

2024: Be the change

Seama moved its first steps in the world of fashion. We are a small business and we feel like a baby growing up exploring the world around us. We learned a lot thanks to the interaction with our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, and workers with whom we share important experiences along this amazing and challenging journey. There are lots of things we don’t like in the world around us. Wars, crises, inequalities, climate warming and the overall lack of careless attitude that impact and worsen our lives. Like a child, we think we should expect a better world, we dream of it and we want more respect for anyone, from humans to our environment.

If there’s not much we can do to solve macro problems, we still think there are areas where we can contribute. We do believe that any change starts from us, from our behaviours, and our choices. As consumers when we buy and decide for which lifestyle to adopt. We like the idea that our project, Seama, based on values like care and respect, can give our contribution to convey a message of change. This is what‘s about our brand. It's carved in the meaning of our brand and it’s the leitmotiv underlying our actions.

Our products are ecodesigned to save resources and reduce scrap. We endeavor to use the maximum textiles originally aimed to be disposed of, dead stock, and unsold goods that are upcycled by us. With the aim to reduce CO2 emissions and save resources and materials. We are also widening our offer by choosing suppliers who share the same philosophy: renewable materials produced in a responsible and sustainable way. Furthermore, an exciting challenging project for next season is growing together with our coworkers and making them grow: more opportunities for Made in Italy manufacturing. Because we want our baby child Seama stand out for its values.

And this is what we as Seama founders wish to anyone.

Adri & Paola