About us

Seama is about educating to sustainability
and to the respect for materials

Seama is two women sharing a common vision. It’s an upcycling fashion brand conceived by women and focused on women and from women derives the inner "caring" feature. “Care about”: the planet, people, the past creating new opportunities for the future. Beyond the trend for recyclable and re-use. Seama founders aim at the creation of a responsible inclusive network of craftworkers, seamstresses, , where anyone can contribute bringing a personal touch in creating products and sharing values. This is what we mean for sustainable fashion.

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What is the meaning of Seama?

"Seama" comes from the union of the English verb, seam and the Italian "ma", which stands for mamma, mother, a metaphora for care. "Seamstress" also reminds the Victorian age, when women set themselves to be independent through their job.

We fight fast fashion and ultra fast fashion giving a new lease of life to clothes past their trend expiration date.

Our environment pays a too high price due to the fast fashion industry. Seama is committed by mission to act against this system regenerating discarded fabric and clothes, extending their life and creating unique sustainable products.

Our Mission

  • 1.   We produce sustainable accessories
    and sustainable bags

  • 2.   We use
    discarded and deadstock materials

  • 3.  We create new design models
    which are unique pieces

Why Seama?

The purpose of our project comes from the strong need to express ourselves about the influence that fashion has on our society. There is a clear evidence of the devastating and unsustainable effects of fast fashion and ultra fast fashion industry. Perennial low cost fashion collections are relocated to areas of low cost wages with inequitable working conditions and workers exploitation. Pollution, waste and emissions are the effects our environment is paying to fast fashion.

We want to prove something can be done to prevent all these damages. We started chasing old unwanted garments from wardrobes of our families and friends, then started collecting dead stock fabrics. We studied and redesigned any pieces of cloth with creativity, enriching theme with our ideas so getting to final one of a kind unique product. Upcycling is extending life of garments and fabrics, making them worthy again, glamorous as pieces of art..

Our Values


For our territory, environment, people. This value is linked to our mission: educating consumers to more responsible and sustainable models of consumption.


Change is a must . We must be responsible towards materials and people: upcycling can contribute to new models of business. We intend our stakeholders to be part of our success.


Our production is Made in Italy and this stands for quality.

Italian creativity

We support new ideas, designs, creation and work driven by passion.

Our production method is circular and sustainable

We produce our bags and accessories using material coming from post consumer pieces of clothes or deadstock fabric. Quantities are limited and vary for each piece of cloth. This is why our products are unique and one of a kind. Sometimes one piece of cloth is just sufficient to originate one product. Our backpacks, bags, shoppers, as well as all the accessories are unique piece of craft. Each item is created studying each material, repurposing it according to its best features. The ecodesign aims to adjust minor imperfections to create something cute and very stylish, worthy and glamorous.

Design: truly Made in Italy

Our research and creation is rooted in our territory. From this beauty we are inspired. Our creations are reflecting these aesthetic values representing our brand: the lifestyle of the iconic Made in Italy which is a talent of beauty, taste, passion, all in the name of good living.




“ Adriana and I have a responsible attitude and pay attention to our planet changes . We move away from business models that are no longer working. We are concerned about the low cost “so called democratic fashion” aiming to a continuous cost reduction, with the paradox of an unfair production process. We are against the “throwaway fashion” and believe in a more responsible consumption: slow fashion, quality versus quantity. We want our bags to be sustainable, not only because of the materials we recuperate, but for the innovative production model”.



“For us each piece of textile we save has a value that goes beyond the material: it brings memories, a story telling of past emotions. For this reason we like to rework and repurpose old garments. Our bags are designed investigating contemporary trends mixing and meshing with the valuable fashion experiences of the past. We create our bags with upcycling: a process of reshaping, restructuring, re-stitching, playing with colors. The result? A new quality. Fashion products, cute and cool accessories from what would have been considered as something to discard and waste. Circular fashion applied to Made in Italy is for us the new fashion for clothes.

Our fashion is for everyone.

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