The JEANS celebration

by Paola Gilardi on Oct 08, 2023

La celebrazione del JEANS

Everything comes back! Genoa celebrates the jeans. It is in Genoa where the famous "bleu de Genes" fabric comes from and later transformed into blue jeans. The history of one of the most popular, most used, and most transversal fabrics starts in Genoa as a textile for miners and reaches the US to become famous and exported all over the world. These days, Genoa celebrates jeans by revisiting all the applications of this versatile fabric with particular attention to sustainability. We, at Seama, have been very affected by the pollution generated by the traditional jeans industry: think that to produce a pair of jeans 👖 many liters of water are needed, 3800 liters to achieve the classic 'worn', or faded effect.

They are perhaps among the most used, worn, and discarded clothes. With this consciousness, we thought of using discarded jeans to extend their life and to avoid wasting other resources: our new line of Petite Lune is dedicated to this. The Petite Lune bags are very glamorous and trendy, they are designed for girls and women who are sensitive to the environment. Fashion can teach us to change our lifestyles. Forever jeans!