Acting for the planet

by Paola Gilardi on Feb 28, 2024

Un gesto per il pianeta

Climate change is moving more and more people towards more responsible models of consumption focusing more on respecting our planet. It is therefore essential to preserve our resources: thanks to the circular economy of materials and recycling.

Seama, an Italian start-up up is a good example. They produce clothing and accessories, mainly sport bags , backpacks upcycling clothes and using tissues obtained from marine plastic recuperated in the oceans.

The backpack in the pictures is made using - made by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE - grouping a community of organizations, industries and people, all together fighting against plastic waste and microplastics littering our oceans with the aim of protecting, cleaning oceans and saving biodiversity. Waste is collected (20% from the bottom and the rest on the coast and beaches and then transformed into tissue - Seama has created a range of back-pack, sport and Tote bags, all designed and produced 100% Made in Italy. High-quality standards, sewed by artisans with

respect for the working conditions and following good craftsman tradition.

Seama bags are perfect for urban style life but also very comfortable for boat trips. Nowadays protecting the environment is not only related to moving to energy transition or end of life of waste, but starts from new personal behavior and ways of consumption. Anyone can start taking part and give its personal contribution to protect our planet . Learn more on  :