Seama Event July 2023

by Paola Gilardi on Jul 07, 2023

Evento Seama Luglio 2023
A great success for our July event ‘Family & Friends ‘! We presented our summer collection of shoppers, jolie jute, our Seama Tote - all are obtained by upcycling, mixing up deadstock with a touch of design - bright colors, easy chic, ideal for the summer. During the pleasant party, we could also explain the philosophy of our brand and how it was born: by redesigning backpacks, sporty bags obtained from raincoats and winter sport jackets. Some back packs’ like model Goccia and Zaino or Sacco draw our guest attention: accurate, stylish, and perfect for outdoor mountain vacations and traveling. What else: the new revisited jeans baguette: the Petite Lune - stay tuned and see you soon!